Interview: Nicholas Royle

“I’ll do anything to try and stimulate interest in the books. I offered to do a tightrope walk for Counterparts, although I balked at slicing my knob in half. I always have lots of zany ideas for promotional stuff as publication nears, such as last summer I was all set to declare myself “Writer in Residence of Cheadle Bleach Works (Disused)”, as a stunt. Have my picture taken down there with a laptop and a hard hat. In the end I didn’t do it. Maybe next time. I have no patience with up-themselves authors who complain about having to trail round a few bookshops signing stock. Who was it recently invented some machine that will enable her to sign a book from 5,000 miles away? Margaret Atwood. Get off your arse, love, and sign it in person. Publishers and circumstance made you a bestselling author. Give a little back.”

Read it all…


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