Interview: Cathi Unsworth

“Lydia [Lunch] said that New York at the time was very much a scary and desolate place, but crucially it was wide open — you could break into a building quite easily, set up some rudimentary electrics and get on with living and working at your art rent free. And you had the time to read a lot of books — a lot of the music from this era is inspired by people like Burroughs and Ballard, Camus and Hubert Selby Jr, you only have to look at the names of the bands and their songs to see it. I think it was pretty much the same in Ladbroke Grove, all the stuff about people living in squats is based on real bands. Amazing to think now that people could live rent free on the Lower East Side and W11 but they did, and those two places have powerful atmospheres, generations of great thinkers have lived there.”

Read it all…


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