Review: Studio: Remembering Chris Marker

“In Wim Wenders’ blank impressionistic portrait of 1983 Tokyo, the German director digresses from his street-level survey of the city and impassioned homage to the works of Ozu, attempting to capture Marker on film, who “risk[ed] an eye” by revealing a portion of his face to the camera from behind a sheet of dot matrix cat. This scene, filmed the same year as Marker’s fragmentary Sans Soleil, is captured in the Golden Gai quarter of Shinjuku, a battered collection of tiny themed drinking dens built up in the pre-fab style during the aftermath of World War II, one of which continues to bear the name of Marker’s 1962 calling card, La Jetée (held up by MacCabe here as “one of the greatest science fiction films”).”

Read it all…


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